The Litigators, by John Grisham

The LitigatorsFinished 11-24-11, rating 3.5/5, fiction, 385 pages, published 2011

Lawyer David Zinc spent the majority of his day overbilling clients at the very successful Trust Tower in downtown Chicago.  One day as he takes the elevator to the 93rd floor he knows he cannot step off.  He cannot go to work.  He finds the closest bar and drinks enough alcohol to kill a normal person.  When the taxi drops him at Finley & Figg instead of home to his wife his fate is sealed.

Finley & Figg are ambulance chasers.  They’ve been hustling for 30 years and have nothing to show for it but a barely profitable law office.  Inconceivably, David makes himself an office out of storage space and signs on with the two lawyers.  When Wally Figg finds the next big tort case that will make them millionaires all three are thrown into a class action lawsuit that none of them are prepared for.

I’ve read Grisham here and there over the years and usually really enjoy them, but this one really did bore me until about 250 pages in and even then I didn’t love it, but at least I was more engaged.  The problem might have been that I didn’t really enjoy Figg and Finley and whatever positive feelings I had toward David were tempered by confusion over why he’d saddle himself with such shady lawyers.

I did like David and the office manager  Rochelle and was more interested in the smaller plot line involving children’s toys tainted with lead paint.  Made me want to throw out all of Gage’s toys immediately.  The end was good, but the book overall was just average for me.

I checked this book out of the library.