Foxfire Light, by Janet Dailey

Foxfire LightFinished 11-14-11, rating 2.5/5, romance, 250 pages, pub. 1982

Joanna is a rich girl from California.  Linc is a ridge runner from the Kentucky Ozarks.  When they meet sparks fly and not in a good way, but then Joanna surprises Linc by her kindness, and a different kind of spark ignites.

This is another 1980’s romance I found in an old box from my parents house and I needed a quick read for Kentucky.  I liked the little bit of history about the Ozarks and some of the popular superstitions there.  I’d never heard of foxfire before.  (see the Wikipedia definition and photos here)  I would like to see nature’s foxfire magic someday.

The actual story is fairly typical, although there was a secondary romance that was enjoyable.  The problems with some of these older romances, especially by certain authors (Dailey included) is that they really seem dated.  And the characters always seem to fall in love in what seems like the blink of an eye. Not much depth here, but a quick read.

This is from my personal library.