Presidential Quiz- guessing closed

I am fascinated by politics but really can’t stand how early people start campaigning for President.  But, hey, we only have another whole year of the craziness.  See if you can match these US Presidents with the books that they wrote.  10 points each.  You have until noon Saturday.

Please play along with us.  For everyone who plays an extra $ goes to the winner and the everyone is entered for a special prize.  Just leave a comment with your guesses and don’t google the answers.

Rules & Leaderboard here. Last week’s Scariest Character results here and scoring here.

1. An American Life                                    J. Ronald Reagan

2. Letters on Freemasonry                      E. John Quincy Adams

3. Profiles in Courage                                 D. John F. Kennedy

4. The Audacity of Hope                              I. Barack Obama

5. Beyond Peace                                           B. Richard Nixon

6. My Life                                                      A. Bill Clinton

7. Crusade in Europe                                  G. Dwight D. Eisenhower

8. The Rough Riders                                   C. Theodore Roosevelt

9. An Hour Before Daylight: Memoirs of a Rural Boyhood      F. Jimmy Carter

10. Decision Points                                       H. George W. Bush