Initial Quiz – guessing closed

There are a number of authors who use initials as first names.  Do you know if they are male or female?  Do you know what the initials stand for? Take your best shot at these authors.

Please play along with us.  For everyone who plays an extra $ goes to the winner and the everyone is entered for a special prize.  Just leave a comment with your guesses before noon on Saturday and don’t google the answers.

Rules & Leaderboard here. Last week’s Jack Nicholson was in that? Quiz here.

First tell me if they are Male (M) or Female (F) (2.25 pts.) and then what the initials stand for (4 pts.)

I’ll give an extra 10 points for my favorite incorrect name, so have fun guessing 🙂

1. PD James Female Phyllis Dorothy

2. JRR Tolkien  Male John Ronald Reuel

3. SE Hinton  Female Susan Eloise

4. PG Wodehouse  Male Pelham Grenville

5. EB White  Male Elwyn Brooks

6. E Nesbit  Female Edith

7. EM Forster  Male Edward Morgan

8. JK Rowling  Female  Joanne

9. PJ O’Rourke  Male Patrick Jane

10. AS Byatt  Female  Antonia Susan

11. LM Montgomery  Female Lucy Maud

12. DH Lawrence  Male  David Herbert

13. CJ Cherryh  Female Carolyn Janice Cherry

14. AA Milne  Male  Alan Alexander

15. HG Wells  Male Herbert George

16. JA Jance  Female  Judith Ann