Best Paid Authors Quiz – guessing closed

Last August I ran this quiz about the highest paid authors and now the new numbers are in. These rankings are based on their total estimated income (books, movies…) from May 2030-April 2011.  I’m giving you 15 authors and you need to rank the top 13 in order.  The extra 2 are just ones I added to keep it interesting.  Only 3 authors have the same spot as last year and if you get those three correct you’ll get  a few extra points (so go ahead and look at last year’s quiz).  Each correct answer is worth 7.5 points.

I hope everyone will give this one a try.  It’s more fun the more people who play 🙂  And you only need to play once to win a prize!

No cheating.  No googling or looking at other commenter answers.  Yes, we’re going by the honor system :)    Your first answers will be the only ones accepted.  Play every week or just one time, you are always welcome   It only takes once to be eligible for a prize.

1. James Patterson $84 million

2. Danielle Steel  &35 million

3. Stephen King  $28 million

4. Janet Evanovich  $22 million

5. Stephenie Meyer  $ 21 million

6. Rick Riordan  $ 21 million

7. Dean Koontz  $ 19 million

8. John Grisham  $18 million

9. Jeff Kinney  $17 million

10. Nicholas Sparks $16 million

11. Ken Follet  $14 million

12. Suzanne Collins  $10 million

13. JK Rowling  $5 million

Michael Connelly

Charlaine Harris

Leaderboard and details here.  Last week’s What book is that? Quiz here.

19 thoughts on “Best Paid Authors Quiz – guessing closed

  1. softdrink says:

    I saw this somewhere last week, so I’m pretty sure #1 is Patterson and #10 is Rowling. The rest is going to be a wild guess.
    1. Patterson
    2. King
    3. Koontz
    4. Meyer
    5. Sparks
    6. Grisham
    7. Harris
    8. Follett
    9. Evanovich
    10. Rowlings
    11. Connelly
    12. Riordan
    13. Collins

  2. bermudaonion (Kathy) says:

    I saw this article and I do remember that James Patterson is #1, but that’s about it. Here are my guesses:
    1 James Patterson
    2 Danielle Steel
    3 Janet Evanovich
    4 Stephen King
    5 Stephanie Meyer
    6 Dean Koontz
    7 Jeff Kinney
    8 John Grisham
    9 Nicholas Sparks
    10 JK Rowling
    11 Rick Riordan
    12 Charlaine Harris
    Ken Follet

  3. Jennifer Rayment says:

    James Patterson
    Stephen King
    Danielle Steel
    Janet Evanovich
    Stephanie Meyer
    Rick Riordon (meeting him in Oct)
    Dean Kootz
    John Grisham
    Jeff Kinney (Think we have helped him amass that with all the stuff we have bought)
    Nick Sparks
    Ken Follett
    JK Rowling
    Suzanne Collins

  4. StephanieD says:

    I think I just read somewhere who the top one is so here goes. After that is just wild guessing.

    1. James Patterson
    2. J.K. Rowling
    3. Stephenie Meyer
    4. Stephen King
    5. Nicholas Sparks
    6. Charlaine Harris
    7. Dean Koontz
    8. Ken Follett
    9. Suzanne Collins
    10. Danielle Steel
    11. Rick Riordan
    12. Janet Evanovich
    13. Michael Connelly

  5. Carol M says:

    James Patterson
    Danielle Steel
    Stephen King
    Janet Evanovich
    Stephenie Meyer
    Rick Riordan
    Dean Koontz
    John Grisham
    Michael Connelly
    Nicholas Sparks
    Ken Follet
    Suzanne Collins
    JK Rowling

  6. Nise' says:

    1. James Patterson
    2. Danielle Steel
    3. Stephen King
    4. Janet Evanovich
    5. Stephanie Meyer
    6. Nicholas Sparks
    7. Dean Koontz
    8. John Grisham
    9. Jeff Kinney
    10. Rick Riordan
    11. Ken Follett
    12. Susan Collins
    13. JK Rowling

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