Storm Prey, by John Sandford

Storm Prey (Lucas Davenport Series #20) by John Sandford: Book CoverFinished 7-10-10, rating 4/5, thriller, pub. 2010

Book #20 in the Lucas Davenport Prey series

Lucas and the gang are all back and ready to find the bad guys.  Weather is involved in a very high profile operation to separate conjoined twins and she unwittingly sees the inside guy of the pharmacy hold up at the hospital.  When one of the four men kills the pharmacist mere robbery turns to murder and the police are even more motivated to find the culprit.  The bikers who were responsible decide to bring in a hired gun to take out each other but they also decide that Weather must go too and this brings Lucas front and center.  Lucas trusts his friends Virgil Flowers, Jenkins, and Shrake to protect Weather and he is free to do what he does best, track down killers.

I’ve read every book of the series and the past few have only been okay for me, so I was happy to find myself completely engaged with Lucas again.  Maybe it was because this was as much about Weather as Lucas and the contrast worked.  And the bad guys were really bad.  The inside guy at the hospital was a real piece of work, even more so than the scary hired gun, Cappy. 

There was no mystery, only a compulsion to turn the pages to see how it would all play out, not only with the bad guys, but with the conjoined twins too.  The separation operation took up a lot of the storyline and it wa a nice change of pace.  Lucas and Weather seem to have a healthy home life with teen Letty and baby Sam, although they seem to have little interaction with the kids.  So, the one thing that struck me as odd was when Weather said she wanted another baby.  She never held the baby, even when she was housebound and under police protection fearing for her life.  But other than that this was a spot on thriller.

Another great addition to the series.

I checked this book out of the library.