My Obsessions

I’ve been tagged by Don  to confess my obsessions/addictions.  Today I turn 37 and since I’m feeling contemplative I think I’ll list one for every year.

Flavored coffee, black is my favorite way to start the day.  And continues until the afternoon begins.

Red wine is my relaxation in the evening.  I probably like it a little too much, but it’s healthy, right?

Buying books seems like a healthy addiction, but it can override common sense.  I can go to a bookstore and purchase 10 books for a $10 and not have time to read any of them before more books find their way into my shopping bag a few days later.  I do have a reading and writing addiction which seem to fit in with my book problem.

My grandparents passed onto to me the puzzling gene.  Working on jigsaw puzzles is a good way to work out stuff in your head.  If I’ve got a problem I need to work out, doing a jigsaw is the best medicine.  I am currently finishing (600 pieces or so)  a 5,000 piece jigsaw puzzle of Florence, Italy.  I will include a picture when I get it done because it is a much anticipated achievement.

Chocolate and cheesecake at the Cheesecake Factory are two addictions.  I am currently eating a piece of Chocolate Raspberry Truffle Cheesecake and it is heavenly.

Ohio State football season is my favorite season of the year!  And that explains my favorite color, red.

I love my family and they are my rock.  On a related note I frequently become obsessed with genealogy when I find a new branch in my family tree.  Which leads me to trees – I love them and never feel more at peace with nature than when I am surrounded by them.  I also feel very much at peace when I am surrounded by my wonderful friends.  Cleveland has made me appreciate and look forward to snow.  On the other hand, I adore saunas.  This time of year always reignites my interest in politics (just ask my dad who was here this weekend).  I have become more interested in my blog- and in yours- than I thought I would when I started.  I check email constantly.  But I love getting snail mail.  I also love to send letters and cards. I love meeting new people and going to parties, which go together very nicely, thank you.  My only fashion addiction is Kathy Van Zeeland bags (I’ve given away everything else!) and I won’t confess to how many I own.  I love romantic movies and can watch my favorites over and over. On the TV front…I can spend too much much money at QVC, I tape The View everyday, if I’m home I watch General Hospital with only a little guilt, and when the tv is on, its default station is CNN.  I love to play board games and am a bit competitive.  Especially during March Madness when I become completely obssessed with beating my husband on our brackets.  I go to New York City as often as I get the opportunity (which isn’t often enough!).  I love getting into the hot tub on a cool night with my husband.

Which leads me to my obsession with getting my cat, Scout, to gain weight and getting my dog, Max, to lose the pounds.  Of course, my best obsession is my husband, Jason.  And for #37 I asked Jason what he thought my obsession was.  He thought about for a few minutes and said, “You like to make other people happy.”  Maybe I should just make him addictions 1-36 🙂

I’m tagging Kathy & Elena to confess their obessions/addictions.

7 thoughts on “My Obsessions

  1. bermudaonion says:

    We just got back from a Fall Fling celebration in our neighborhood, and of course, talk turned to football. I found out that we actually have a couple Buckeye Fans in our neighborhood, so I thought about you. By the way – I love jigsaw puzzles, too!

    You’ll find us crazy Buckeyes everywhere! I love puzzles too, but this one has long since passed being fun. What was I thinking, 5,000 pieces?!

  2. jb says:

    I loved reading about your obsessions! I definitely agree with Jason – you love to make others happy. Most people probably want to make others happy, but the incredible thing about you is that you actually DO it! Love you!!

    Thank you, although I think you may be a bit biased!

  3. donstuff says:

    I was so focused on your quirks and obsessions that I overlooked your birthday.
    Happy Birthday!
    I hope it was enjoyable.
    Again, Happy Birthday!

    Thanks 🙂 It was a very nice birthday and I don’t feel a day over 35.

  4. Elena says:

    Wow, we have so much in common!

    I hope you had a great birthday.

    I’m going to go write about my obsessions/addictions now…

    I’m looking forward to seeing yours 🙂

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