Tell No One, the movie

Tell No One (2008) Poster

Yesterday Jean and I went to see the French film, Tell No One, adapted from Harlan Coben’s wonderful thriller.  Both Jean and I read the book a few years ago and we didn’t remember every detail so it is hard to say for certain how much was changed for the movie.  The most obvious change is the film takes place in Paris and the book in New York.

The premise is childhood sweethearts and now happily married Alex and Margot Beck are separated by murder.  Alex cannot get over Margot’s death and eight years later he is still suspected of being involved.  Then he receives an anonymous email with a link to a video that shows a very alive Margot looking at the surveillance camera.

I loved the book and really enjoyed the movie.  I didn’t even mind the subtitles.  If you watch carefully author Harlan Coben makes a cameo appearance.  Francois Cluzet and Marie-Josee Croze were Alex and Margo.  The only actor I recognized was Kristin Scott Thomas who played Alex’s best friend.