Highest Paid Authors

The new Forbes just listed the world’s 10 best-paid authors (from July1, 2007 to June 30,2008 ).

1. JK Rowling – $300 million – I have nothing but the highest respect for her (and a special wizard named Harry).  Good for her.

2. James Patterson – $50 million – I’ve read several of his books this year.  I think he may be a bit overpaid, but hey, I’m sure that comes from jealousy.

3. Stephen King – $45 million – Good for him.  Well deserved!

4. Tom Clancy – $35 million – I’ve only ever read The Hunt for Red October, so okay.

5. Danielle Steel – $30 million – She writes the same book over and over and women love it.  If it ain’t broke…

6. John Grisham – $25 million – Seems about right since many of his books are made into movies.

7. Dean Koontz – $25 million – He deserves every penny.

8. Ken Follett – $20 million – Oh, the power of Oprah who chose Pillars of the Earth for her book club (and I reviewed it here).

9. Janet Evanovich – $17 million – I like her books and it’s nice to see another woman on this list.

10. Nicholas Sparks – $16 million – That’s why there was a four hour wait to meet him, Kathy 🙂