Banned Books Week, day 6

I wrote a post on Sarah Palin’s involvement/noninvolement in banning books as mayor of Wasilla.  I thought it would be a timely post during Banned Book week and on the eve of the Vice-Presidential debates, but after reading it was not sure if I wanted to open up a political can of worms on my tame book blog. 

I am editing myself to this…Palin did not ban books.  Palin may have wanted to ban books, but it never progressed that far.  This issue is very important to me because there is no more basic freedom than the access to information.  I think the fact that it was brought up as an issue is a good thing.  I think it made more people aware that libraries are always fighting off the threat of censorship and we all need to be aware of the dangers of erasing opinions that are not our own.