Capote, 2005 movie

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I’ve never read In Cold Blood, but it is in my ‘to read’ pile, so I thought I’d see this movie about Truman Capote during the 4 1/2 years it took him to reasearch and write the book.  In Kansas, two young men murder a family of four and Capote asks his childhood friend, Haprer Lee, to help him research in Kansas.  Once he meets the prisoners he becomes very attached to one of them.  He was there when the two were hanged for their crimes.  An interesting note – it was during this period that Lee had To Kill A Mockingbird published.

Okay, I thought Philip Seymour Hoffman was excellent as Capote and Catherine Keener did an outstanding job as Harper Lee, but I did not care for the movie.  It was slow and a little erratic.  Some parts were interesting, like that Capote never wrote another book after this one and he never took notes from interviews, but on the whole I thought it was a yawner.  I do think it will make In Cold Blood more interesting when I get around to reading it.

I would only recommend this movie if you are a fan of Truman Capote or In Cold Blood.