L – Hugh Laurie’s The Gun Seller

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I loved Hugh Laurie on the television show House, MD so when I saw this book on the library shelf I was curious.  Jason listened to it first and raved about so I gave it a try but when the last word was uttered I had far less enthusiasm.  Why?  Well for the last three or so CDs I really didn’t know for sure who was double crossing who and which side I was supposed to be on.  I wasn’t just a little bit confused, I was really lost.

Title: The Gun Seller, Author: Hugh LaurieI finished listening to The Gun Seller on March 28 and give it 3 stars.  That seems a little low since much of the frustration stemmed from me not being smart enough to follow the audio.  I loved the narrator,  Simon Prebble, but I think I may have been able to keep up better if I’d been reading the print book.

Thomas Lang goes by many names and accents in this spy novel and he may or may not be one of those types that falls in love for no reason and then does very dumb things because of it. I did like him, even if he sometimes acted like a lovesick dolt.  I loved his quick wit and bravado.

This was a solid first novel for Laurie and I’d be happy to read more by Dr. House.  Only next time I’ll try the print version.

Did you know Hugh Laurie was an author?

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