D- Desk Set, fave movie #90

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I’m more likely to watch a favorite movie again and again before I’d re-read a favorite book.  Maybe it’s because a favorite movie takes less time or I can share that time with a friend.

Desk Set cinema poster.jpgDesk Set, 1957

Cast-Katherine Hepburn, Spencer Tracy, Joan Blondell, Gig Young

This was the 8th pairing of Tracy and Hepburn and their first color film.

Bunny (Hepburn) is the head reference librarian in the research department at the fictitious Federal Broadcasting Company.  She has a beau in the company and after seven years she still holds out hope for more.  Sumner is an efficiency expert and a man with a machine, EMERAC.  As he spends more time in the research department the women there start to fear for their jobs.

Why I love it – I’m a Hepburn fan (Katherine and Audrey). I love the strength, smarts and independence that Katherine pulls off in every film.  She was able to shine as the woman who knows everything (or at least how to find it). I like Tracy well enough, the easy chemistry between them seems so comfortable after all of their years and roles together.

Like the recent Hidden Figures, it is about an office of women depended on for their intelligence who were slowly being replaced by computers.  Remember when we had to use the card catalog to find references and information?  Well, these women were Google before Google.  Librarians don’t get enough big screen attention.

It’s light and fun and the dialogue is sharp. A smart romp that will leave you smiling.

I realized this last time I watched it that the screenplay was written by Henry and Phoebe Ephron, parents to Nora who would go on to write so many iconic romantic comedies.

Here’s a clip…


9 thoughts on “D- Desk Set, fave movie #90

  1. lissa says:

    I saw this a long while back and thought it was quite funny, honestly, they don’t make movies like these anymore, probably why they call these classics

    have a lovely day.

  2. scr4pl80 says:

    I’ve never seen this one but my first real job was as a page in our local library. I was one of the lucky ones who got to put away all the books people returned 🙂 I remember card catalogs fondly. I’ll have to try and catch this movie. Thanks!


  3. Literary Feline says:

    I do think it is because it takes less time–at least that’s my excuse for re-watching movies more often than I re-read books. I’ve never actually seen this movie, can you believe it? I will have to make a point to do so.

  4. Jeanne Bryan Insalaco says:

    I don’t think I’ve seen this one and will be looking for it. I love these two together. I got into the older movies last year while home with a broken foot…. I watched so so many movies. I miss doing that now since I had to go back to work.

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