It’s Nathional Readathon Day and I spent 3 hours at a book sale


It’s National Readathon Day but I couldn’t resist the call of the Case Western Reserve University book sale.  I go every year and browse the 70,000+ books and other cool things like games, music, dvds, stuffed animals…Take a look around.

IMG_7426IMG_7419IMG_7417IMG_7429I had so much fun.  Sometimes I go with a friend but, honestly, it’s way better to go by myself for a  few hours and not have to worry about hurrying.  This is a common sight on the first day of the sale as people come in and have to wheel their goodies away…booksale

I managed to really restrain myself, only buying five fiction books for myself, lots of train books for Gage, some postcards for my Postcrossing habit, and some planet stickers.  The fun wasn’t even about what I brought home (although that’s nice) it was really just about losing myself in books for a few hours.  Isn’t that how everyone should spend National Readathon Day?IMG_7430

7 thoughts on “It’s Nathional Readathon Day and I spent 3 hours at a book sale

  1. Tara says:

    I had no idea yesterday was national readathon day … Oops!! But I did get to spend an hour in the used book store picking up 5 new books for me and 3 for Garrett. (!)

    And oh my goodness I would totally be one of the people wheeling out my haul in a place like that!! I wouldn’t be able to contain myself …. Sooooooo jealous!

  2. Literary Feline says:

    Look at all those books! I think I could spend hours browsing through those books too. 🙂 I am glad you were able to go. Looks like you got quite a few good ones–and Gage made out too!

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