Movie Memes

Okay, I think I’ll go ahead and start some movie memes and hope that you can join in.  I offered two options.

Option 1 – Instead of a read-a-long we have a monthly Watch-a-thon.  I’d give everyone a few choices, we’d vote, all watch the movie and post about it during the month.  I have some ideas about how to make it more interactive between the participants.  I’d offer new and older movies to choose from and would like to make it somewhat bookish, but that’s not a requirement.

Option 2 – I’d offer something like the now defunct Monday Movie Meme.  I’d offer up a topic or theme and you’d write a post about it and link up.  You can browse through old ones I participated in here.  We could do this weekly or every other week.

I appreciate everyone’s feedback and I think I am going to try both of them and see what happens. I’ll have movie choices for option 1 posted by the end of the month and we’ll watch in June.

I’ll start  option 2 in the middle of June (when my quizzes are on break and after our vacation).

If any of you would be interested in co-hosting (Heather, Staci?) let me know I’d love to have a partner for either one!

I am very much looking forward this new challenge and hope you are too 🙂