Book problem, year 9


Last week I showed you this year’s Mt. TBR and asked for your book estimate. Amazingly, one of you was only 13 off!!!!  That is impressive.  Drumroll, please…


That means that Hannah was only 13 off with her 840 guess!  It also means that I did a good job of reading my own books (35) and donating to the library book sale (60+)all the while keeping my book intake to a minimum.  I had 49 less books than 2015 🙂

In the few weeks since I painstakingly created this monster for my yearly inventory of unread books, I have read one and gave away 105.  I feel better 🙂  Some of these books have been in Mt. TBR since 2008 and they needed to be re-evaluated.

That first year I didn’t even bother to count the books!  I should compare the two and see how many are still there after 8 years.  Maybe next year.

If any of you would like to share a pic of your unread stacks leave a link to your post or just a picture and I’ll include it here.