Gage’s Picks

We have a healthy bookshelf full of picture books and a large magazine holder full of library books.  We read three books and a chapter in the Children’s Bible every night before bed. We read on and off during the day or for different activities, but we’ve set aside 10 minutes in the morning for Gage’s choice. I’m curious, given free reign and the instruction to only choose one book, what he will bring me every morning.  This week he picked 4 library books and 2 from his own library.

Just Like Bossy BearJust Like Bossy Bear by David Horvath.

A repeat from last week.  When we visited his class this week (school starts Monday) I told him he had to be a good example for the new kids in the class and he asked me, “Just like Bossy Bear?”  Apparently this book can help bossy kids!

LocomotiveLocomotive by Brian Floca.

This Caldecott Medal Winner, Sibert Honor Book, and New York Times bestseller is a beautiful book about the history of the railroad.  The illustrations are outstanding, the facts are interesting and the big bold type keeps younger ones entranced. This is the second time we’ve checked this out of the library and because I think it will age well (Gage will still enjoy it in a few years) I may go ahead and buy it.  At 3, Gage doesn’t want to read every page, but he listens through at least the first half and then we just talk about the pictures the rest of the way. 64 pages.

Marvin K. Mooney Will You Please Go Now!Marvin K Mooney Will You Please Go Now by Dr. Seuss

I admit that there are a few Seuss books that I don’t really ‘get’ but Gage seems to like all the ones we’ve read.  In this one he likes the crunk-car and shows everyone who comes to the house how cool a car with two smokestacks and feet for wheels can be.  36 pages

Are You My Mother?Are You My Mother? by PD Eastman

This one belonged to me as a kid and I’ve read it to Gage off and on over the years.  I was surprised this was his choice since he hasn’t shown any favorability toward it.  A baby bird loses his mother and finds his way home with the help of a Snort.  Our new game is that I pretend to be a Snort, lift him the air, set him down in his home and cuddle him as his mother.  He even made me do it in the waiting room of the Cleveland Clinic yesterday and I went ahead and made a fool of myself because I am happy that he wants me to be his Snort 😉  64 pages

HatchHatch by Katie Cox.

We cull Gage’s library every 3-6 months and donate books that he no longer reads.  He chooses, not me, and this one always made the cut for whatever reason. I think it’s too young for him, but like this week sometimes he pulls it out to read.  Every page has description of an animal and then on the opposite pages you have to crack open the egg to see if you were right.  The baby owl is both cute and ugly!  16 pages and perfect for younger kids.

Mr. Putter and Tabby Take the TrainMr. Putter and Tabby Take the Train by Cynthia Rylant

I’d like to say that Gage loves this story because of the cat or the dog or the illustrations, but we al know it is because of the old steamie train on the front.  The story is long and has chapters and hewill pretend to listen to all of the non-train parts, but I don’t buy it.  Really intended for older kids from 6-9 it has 44 pages and part of a Mr. Putter and Tabby series.



10 thoughts on “Gage’s Picks

  1. Rita H DuffyGal says:

    I had to chuckle when I saw Marvin K. Mooney! I have a connection to that one, lol.

    When we were moving when my kids were young, I returned all the kids’ library books to our branch. I got into a debate with the librarian who informed me that I had an outstanding book–Marvin K. Mooney. I checked my house far and wide, went back and said, no I had brought back all the books owed. She told me that if I moved and didn’t return it, I would have to buy the book and I got a bit testy with her. Well..when we were putting things on the moving truck that week, my husband moved the kids’ toy box, which we were going to move with toys and all in it, roped closed. Sure enough, tucked under the heavy toy box was…Marvin K. Mooney! Somehow my son picked up a corner of the box to shove it under to ensure that his favorite book came along with us! We dropped it off, paid our late fee, and to this day that is one of our family “book stories” that we all remember 🙂

  2. Gage's grandma says:

    Gage has good taste in books! I love reading to him because he offers lots of feedback and asks interesting questions.

  3. Vicki says:

    Gage has awesome taste in books! Especially since he chose Are You My Mother?! My mom bought me this book when I was little and it’s the one that started my love of books. I’ve talked about it so much that my husband and son bought me the book one for Christmas one year, and it had a stuffed dog like the one on the cover with it. I love them!!

  4. Literary Feline says:

    You are such a good mom, Stacy. 🙂 I love this post and seeing what books Gage picks to read.

    Are You My Mother is a favorite in our house. We have a copy of Hatch too. 🙂 I really need to go through Mouse’s shelves and pull out the books she is too old for now. But then I start second guessing myself and wondering if I should keep them around and use some of them as reading guides when she really starts reading . . .

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