Sundays with Gage- Back to School

Gage is back in school and thriving!  He operates very well on a set schedule and the fact that he has the same teachers has been a gift.  When I picked him up after the first day his teachers told me what a great day he’d had, but he was in tears in the car.  He missed his old friends.  Last year our school district did a nice thing and let us start Gage in the public program at 2 instead of 3, so as the rest of his older classmates moved to different classes he will stay in the 3 class again and these will be the kids he goes through school with to graduation.  Now he just needs to make new friends.

The speech therapist tested his speech on Tuesday and he is in the above average range for his age group.  It lets me know that all things are possible 🙂

This summer was a rough one for many reasons and some of that frustration came out in last week’s post.  I almost didn’t post it, but sometimes it feels good to show the gritty side of motherhood and I think there is value in that.  I can happily say that school is back in session and that makes a happy Gage.  And a happy Gage makes a happy mama.