Gage’s Picks

We have a healthy bookshelf full of picture books and a large magazine holder full of library books.  We read three books and a chapter in the Children’s Bible every night before bed. We read on and off during the day or for different activities, but this week I set aside 10 minutes in the morning where Gage had to choose one book on his own for us to read together.  This is a skill he needs to work on!  The first few days he walked over to where all of his books were and had a hard time deciding where to start looking in the mass of books, but he worked it out and ended up choosing five from the library and one from his own books.  Guess there’s no need to buy lots of books!

Richard Scarry's Hop Aboard! Here We Go!Richard Scarry’s Hop Aboard. There are so many images and descriptions of various vehicles that I made him choose one on each of the 48 pages for us to focus on, until we got to the trains – we read all of those, of course!  Fun and educational.  Lots of information for a pre-schooler.

We Work at the Fire StationWe Work at the Fire Station. A basic book with big photographs and few words. I liked the questions they asked on a few of the pages and the visual quiz at the end.  I know there is a series of these and I’d like to get more. 24 pages.

Green Eggs and HamGreen Eggs and Ham. We’ve owned this since birth and I’ve tried to make it through many times over that last 3+ years but it is only in the last few weeks that he’s maintained interest to the end. It’s worth noting that his favorite part is the train that shows up halfway through. This is a fun one to read and I caught him ‘reading’ the last page at breakfast the next day.  He said he would like to try green eggs and ham, LOL. Gage is a picky eater and I do think that this book is great for kids who are reluctant to try new foods.  And it’s just fun 🙂  62 pages

Dewey: There's a Cat in the Library!Dewey:There’s a Cat in the Library.  Based on the true story of Dewey, the library cat, this is a big hit with Gage, our resident cat lover.  If the book has trains or cats then he is willing to take a look.  The beautiful illustrations jump off the page on this one and I love the lesson of finding your place in the world.  There are many different things going on in the book that go a little above Gage’s head, but this is the one that also generates the most discussion because he asks so many questions.  40 pages.

Red HenThe Red Hen.  Isn’t that cover great? The illustrations in the book are much of the same and lots of fun.  This is a seemingly simple book of a classic tale, is a great one for asking questions at the end (how many characters were in the book? how many ingredients in the cake?) for recollection. The hen wanted to bake a cake and asked her three friends to help her at every turn but they said no, until it was time to eat the cake. The end made me laugh. I am surprised he likes this so much and when I asked what his favorite part is he answers. “The cake. I want to make one.”  There is a cake recipe at the end.

Just Like Bossy BearJust Like Bossy Bear. When he brought this one over to me yesterday I had to stifle a laugh.  I brought this home from the library because Gage is a Bossy Bear but we hadn’t read it yet. Bossy Bear realized that his BFF was starting to act like him and it wasn’t pretty so he changed his ways.  Gage listened, but didn’t seem all that interested.  Until he started saying Bossy Bear things in the bathroom and I wonder if the book had the opposite of the desired effect?  32 pages

I can’t wait to see what he chooses this week!