Sundays with Gage – Recovery

When an ER doctor writes your 3-year-old an antibiotics prescription for two infections, it should me mandatory to also write the attending parent a prescription for a vacation or if that’s too much he might throw in a bottle of wine with the bill.  Gage has been on antibiotics this week  and started camp again on Thursday.  That’s a week and a half of yuckiness and fever.  I  filled my own wine prescription but really think I need to up it a notch to a day at the spa!  After some early trouble we have found a method of getting him to take his medicine.  Yesterday it took Jason and hour and a half and this morning it took me about 20 minutes.   This is the first day he’s actually starting eating meals again, YAY!  I know he lost over a pound the first week he was sick, so the boy needs to eat.

benjamins partyI am happy and relieved that he is feeling better. He was able to go to his friend’s birthday party yesterday and have some fun. Stay healthy everyone.  Maybe I’ll see you at the spa 🙂