Sundays with Gage – Jinxed!

Do you remember last week’s proud and a little boastful post about how well Gage was doing at camp?  When I posted it I wondered if it was going to come back to bite me and it did.  Gage missed all this past week at camp because he has been sick!  All week.  He’s still a snotty mess today.  Two trips to the doctor and lots of sleepless nights for mom.  It’s been a long week.  And I blame it all on that post last week!

I only had a few sad and pathetic pics for the weeks so I asked Gage to pose for me an hour ago and HE DID!  This has never happened.  A few pics from his photo shoot 🙂

IMG_7116IMG_7113IMG_7111IMG_7109Here’s hoping for a healthy Monday!