A Scrambled James Garner Quiz – guessing closed

quizJames Garner passed away at the age of 86 this week and I didn’t realize until I read about his life that he had earned two Purple Hearts in the Korean War. I remember watching The Rockford Files when I visited my grandparents, but I think that even if you don’t know much about James Garner that you’ll be able to recognize thses 10 films.

Take your best guesses, be entered to win a prize.  No cheating (using the web to help find answers) or copying.  You have til Sunday to enter.  All extra details can be found here.

Leave your guesses in the comment section.  

James GarnerUnscramble these Garner film titles (from oldest to newest)

1. ELWOMAR – Marlowe

2. MVOE  REVO  INGADLR – Move Over Darling

3. HTE  TEARG  EESCAP – The Great Escape

4. ETH  ILDRENCH’S  OHUR – The Children’s Hour

5. ROVITC / VRIAITCO – Victor/Victoria

6. PHMURY”S  NCERMOA – Murphy’s Romance

7. ICKMAVER – Maverick

8. PECSA  YSOOCWB – Space Cowboys

9. INEIDV  REECSTS  FO  HET  AY-AY STERIDOOHS – Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood

10. HTE  OOONKTEB – The Notebook

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