24 Hours by Greg Iles

24 Hours24 Hours. Finished 4-23-14, 3.5/5 stars, thriller, pub. 2000

Unabridged audio, 10 hours. read by Dick Hill

24 HOURS — that’s how long it takes a madman to pull off the perfect crime. He’s done it before, he’ll do it again, and no one can stop him. 

But this time, he’s just picked the wrong family to terrorize. Because Will and Karen Jennings aren’t going to watch helplessly as he victimizes them. And they aren’t going to let him get away with it.

from Goodreads

Hickey seems to have the perfect plan to extort money from people.  It takes guts, help and planning, but the job itself only lasts 24 hours.  He spends the day with the wife, his wife spends the day with the husband, and the kidnapped child spends the day with a cousin.  He demands little money, enough that would be a boon for him but very little hardship for the victims.  His plan depends on timing and loyalty of the other two involved.  When Will and Karen are targeted things go as expected at first, but once there is a crack in one of the three, the rest are effected.

The last book I read by Iles was Third Degree and it felt similar in a lot of ways, in ways that left me disappointed.  I liked this one better because the plot felt fresh and it had more action, but the ‘being confined to your house by a madman’ was the same.  Nonetheless, this was not my favorite Iles but it was a solid thriller that will keep you guessing which one will be the victor in each of the two person scenarios.

I read and listened to this one.  The narration was good, Dick Hill always seems to be solid.