Sundays with Gage – Learning to read

stickersGage has known his letters by sight since before he was two and now at 3 1/2, he’s learning sight words.  He knows around 20 or 30 and sometimes he’ll surprise me with one I didn’t know, like this week he had an old book titled ABC Book and pointed to the word book and said, “that is book”.  Yep, sure is.   Yesterday during his private swim lesson he pointed to his instructor’s swimsuit and asked, “What’s that say?”  and when she didn’t answer him fast enough he said “Speedo” and he was right (I’m sure this has more to do with his incredible memory than anything else, but she was impressed :)).

sheetsWe’re doing worksheets where he circles pictures that start with a particular letter (left) and having him go through a pile of stickers and put only ones that start with a particular letter on the paper (above).  He is well above 90% accuracy for both of these exercises.  The kid is smart. I’ll have him reading books in no time 🙂