Girls Rock Quiz – guessing closed

For the last quiz of this round (we’ll start again in July) I want you to match the actress with the movie she starred in.  Please just go by looks alone.  If you don’t recognize the actress, NO reverse searches.  You don’t need to know the actress name to answer,  just use the number.

Sadly, I have only seen one of these movies.  Tell me how many you’ve seen and if it’s more than me you’ll get extra points!

Take your best guesses, be entered to win a prize.  No cheating (using the web to help find answers) or copying.  You have til Sunday to enter.  All extra details can be found here.

Leave your guesses in the comment section.  


2.Movie poster mulan.JPG


 4. Frozen (2013 film) poster.jpg

5.(Coraline.jpgCharlotte's Web 2006.jpgShe’s in 2!  Bonus if you get both

6.  Charlotte's Web 2006.jpg

7.A teenage girl standing tall with three monsters in front of her and a cityscape behind her.

 8. A girl with long, curly red hair stares at the viewer holding a bow and an arrow. Behind her is the film's title while at the left shows a bear staring at her.

9.A man with a frying pan, a girl with long blonde hair, and a white horse.

 10.Epic (2013 film) poster.jpg