Libraries with Gage

We use the library a lot, so every once in a while, I’ll share with you what has Gage loving the library.

Cuyahoga County is the second most used library system in the country.  That means they really know how to get people to check things out (probably because that’s how they get state funding).  I went to the  online catalog and typed in toys and then puzzles and found four pages of puzzles I could check out for Gage.  He loves puzzles and we already have too many so when another mom suggested the library I was excited to try it.  I placed 12 on hold and 11 of them came into my branch for me a few days later.  Let me show you what it looks like when it arrives.


Each puzzle includes a book that goes with it.  I liked this number puzzle even though it is easy because it forced Gage to know that two separate digits make up a big number, important for someone who memorizes things visually.

Let me show you the 46 piece one he’s done a few times already.


He always has to put in Alaska and Hawaii first before he can do any of the others and he likes to know what the states are called (at least the first 20 or so, after that he just wants to get it done :))

Our library also has a big binder listing all of the toys available for checkout.  PERFECT for parents and grandparents 🙂  Don’t forget to ask your librarians about all the resources for kids.  I bet they’d love to tell you!