Libraries with Gage

We use the library a lot, so every once in a while, I’ll share with you what has Gage loving the library.

Cuyahoga County is the second most used library system in the country.  That means they really know how to get people to check things out (probably because that’s how they get state funding).  I went to the  online catalog and typed in toys and then puzzles and found four pages of puzzles I could check out for Gage.  He loves puzzles and we already have too many so when another mom suggested the library I was excited to try it.  I placed 12 on hold and 11 of them came into my branch for me a few days later.  Let me show you what it looks like when it arrives.


Each puzzle includes a book that goes with it.  I liked this number puzzle even though it is easy because it forced Gage to know that two separate digits make up a big number, important for someone who memorizes things visually.

Let me show you the 46 piece one he’s done a few times already.


He always has to put in Alaska and Hawaii first before he can do any of the others and he likes to know what the states are called (at least the first 20 or so, after that he just wants to get it done :))

Our library also has a big binder listing all of the toys available for checkout.  PERFECT for parents and grandparents 🙂  Don’t forget to ask your librarians about all the resources for kids.  I bet they’d love to tell you!

34 thoughts on “Libraries with Gage

  1. sandynawrot says:

    That is pretty amazing! I have no idea if our library has toys (would have come in handy years ago) but they have just about everything else so I imagine they do. They even deliver to your front door FOR FREE! So I don’t even have to find a parking spot and go down there to check things out. It is impressive he is already learning his states. That will come in handy!

  2. lakesidemusing says:

    I didn’t know libraries had puzzles or toys… guess a lot has changed in the children’s room since I was a regular. Gage looks so involved with his puzzle project!

  3. Mary says:

    I’m pretty sure our metro library system didn’t have toys when my kids were Gage’s age. I’ll have to see if they’re available now – for Grace, our granddaughter. Nice post, Stacy. BTW, very impressive doing a 46 piece puzzle!

    • stacybuckeye says:

      He diodn’t do it on his own, Mary. I had to help him find the general area. The success for me was that he was engaged the whole time! Check with your library – ask the children’s librarian. At our library the binder isn’t something you’d notice without looking for it, so many people don’t know about it.

  4. Vicki says:

    I’m always borrowing books from the library, but don’t know if they have puzzles you can check out. I’ll have to see and if they do tell my daughter so she can borrow some for my grandson.

    Gage is so cute and I think it’s neat that he loves puzzles!

    • stacybuckeye says:

      Artwork?! Interesting. Is there anything good?
      I was surprised that our system actually has little training potties to check out. I’m willing to check out most anything, but baby toilets? I don’t think so!

  5. Word Lily says:

    Oh wow! As far as I know our library doesn’t have toys to check out, but they have tons to play with there. Sounds like your holds system works a bit more efficiently than ours, for sure, though. 😉

    • stacybuckeye says:

      I’d ask a children’s library just to be sure. They might have more than you think. I was happy to find so many puzzles since I have already purchased as many as I’m willing to!

  6. Tara says:

    How wonderful! I haven’t fully explored our library and what all it has in store for Garrett. I need to start doing that ASAP. But I’ve been waiting until he finally stops tearing up books before I get something from the library for him. 🙂

  7. Lloyd Russell says:

    Funny you should talk about libraries. We had our 4 grandchildren Saturday overnight. We took them to the library in our town and spent about an hour there. The kids range in age from 23 months to 9 years. They all enjoyed it. The library has recently been rebuilt, and there are big circular notches in the walls with cushions for the kids to sit/lay in. Plus, there are a bunch of computers where they can play games. It was a very successful outing. (The oldest 3 each came away with a checked-out book and movie.)

    • stacybuckeye says:

      Whata great outing with your grandkids and a wonderful memory they will always have. My mom dropped me off at the library every Saturday morning for and hour or so and I loved that she gave me that time to explore.

  8. Literary Feline says:

    I wonder if our library has puzzles . . . What a great idea! We try to go to the library every Saturday, but we don’t always check anything out. I didn’t realize that’s how libraries are funded. Is that true for all libraries?

    • stacybuckeye says:

      I don’t know how each state allocates funding. Ours count check outs, attendance at events, and number of people who use the computers. There may be a few other numbers but those are the ones I know about.

  9. jennygirl says:

    Gage is getting so big! Blows me mind 🙂
    Love that you two go to the library. It’s one of my fondest memories with my mom.

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