Book vs. Movie- Ender’s Game

In 2008, my first year blogging, I listened to the book (review here) and fell in love with it.  I forced my husband to listen too and he liked it so much that he went on to read a few more books in the series.  As much as I love Ender, one book was enough for me.

Orson Scott Card carries controversy around with him in the form on his 1st amendment right to free speech.  Many people chose to boycott the movie for that reason.  I admit there are some people I do not support (ie use my money to support them by buying what they’re selling) because of their extreme insults or harmful views, but as long as they aren’t hurting anyone I tend to live and let live.  But, I’d love to hear your opinion on this, maybe you’ll change my mind.

The Story/Plot – This science fiction story is set a few hundreds years from now and the Earth is at war with the buggers, an alien race who wants to colonize the planet. The military is using children to train to fight these buggers.  The story is about their training.

The movie stayed true to the book, but there was so much skipped that the characters onscreen fell a little flat.  So much of the story takes place in Ender’s head and that didn’t really translate to the film.  Thumbs up -Book

The Visual – I ‘m glad that they waited so long to make the movie so that technology could actually catch up with our imaginations in some ways.  My husband was worried about Battle School looking cheesy, but we were both impressed with the quality.  Thumbs up- Movie

Characters vs. Actors – I fell in love with Ender when I listened to the book.  He was only 6 when first sent to Battle School  and there was much more detail about his life between the ages of 6-12 than there was in the movie.  The extra  detail gave me a chance to really care about this vulnerable and genius and character, where the movie didn’t. Asa Butterfield did a fine job of portraying Ender on the big screen, but there wasn’t the same connection for me. Harrison Ford was fine too, but my favorite actor in the movie was Ben Kingsley as Mazer Rackham and he had a very small part.    Thumbs up- Book

(NO SPOILERS) The Ending – It’s been a while since I listened to the book and while the end was the same I thought there were some parts of the movie leading up to the end that might have been finessed.  I was completely surprised by the end of the book, but the movie wasn’t as shocking because of a few things that happened.  Or maybe it was just because I already knew what would happen, who knows?  Thumbs up- Tie

And the winner is…The Book.

Now it’s your turn to vote

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13 thoughts on “Book vs. Movie- Ender’s Game

  1. Heather says:

    I found this article very informative on the controversies with Card.

    It’s more personal for me. I grew up Mormon like Card. I’m horrified at the things he has written about LGBT people. While the characters in his book focus on empathy and love his own views don’t. He has a major blindspot. And since it’s so personal I have a hard time letting that go. I will not be seeing this movie for awhile…..

    But I’m glad it’s a decent movie. I’ll see it one day when I can borrow it from someone else without paying a dime 😉

    • stacybuckeye says:

      The article was very interesting and very long! Some of those things I’ve heard hear and there, but some of those op-eds make him seem very unhinged, on top of his bigotry. It is surprising considering what his books seem to be about. Sad.

  2. kelley says:

    I loved the book, and the movie. The graphics were spectacular and well any movie with Harrison Ford in it is a good movie 🙂 I didn’t know there were any controversies surrounding Card. My friends husband went to collegel with him.

  3. Leslie says:

    I read the book when it was first published – gee, I think that was back in the 80s. For years there was talk about it being a movie. I haven’t seen it yet but even so I’m glad they waited for technology to catch up with the story. I think the book was way ahead of its time. I was a fan of OSC before Ender’s Game and have read many of his books. It’s too bad he is now spewing an ultra conservative, nasty viewpoint. It won’t stop me from seeing the movie but it does change my previously good opinion of him.

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