Filmish Friday- where are all the women?

Before I started blogging  and looking more closely at what I read, I read so many more men authors than women.  Now, after five years, I feel like my numbers are closer, maybe even .  The same thing has happened these last few years as I’ve kept track of the new-to-me movies I watch.  As I put the movie poster on my monthly post it seems so obvious that men dominate my movie watching as well.  I always prepare my 5 word movie reviews as I watch them and last month after I added my first three I noticed that women were on all three and two only had women.  It shouldn’t have struck me, but it did so I went back to take a look at the other movies I’ve watched this year and this was the breakdown of movie posters of the 48 movies I watched before October

23 had men only

2 had women only (and one was a girl, Les Mis)

17 were mixed with men and women

6 were other things (cartoons, no people)

Here are the movie posters of only gals that I’ve seen this year

Two women wearing sunglasses, one holding a rocket launcher. Image is stylized using only black, red, and white.The poster shows a young girl, played by Isabelle Allen, in the background of a dark night. Text above reveals the cast listing and text below reveals the film's title.Gravity Poster.jpgContenderposter.jpgAccused ver2.jpgBoys on the Side poster.jpg

I think that it’s sad that more women can’t lead a movie, well maybe Sandra Bullock by the looks of it.  I like my alpha man fix just as much as anybody, but I think I can purposely choose more movies with leading women, just like I have done with authors.  So, the last 2 movies I chose in October were ones featuring women.  Maybe I’ll try to do a few months that I focus on one group or another.  I’ve already gone boyish this month by seeing Ender’s Game, but I can offset that with Catching Fire, right?

How about you? Do you find yourself watching more male or female centered movies?