Political Unreality Quiz – guessing closed

I was hoping to post this last Tuesday, on election day, but like most things political, nothing happens as fast as it should.  Let’s see how well you do with these classic political dystopias.

I hope that you’ll try your hand at my (mostly) bookish quizzes every week, but it’s okay if you just want to play when the quiz interests you. If you play you are eligible for a prize at the end of the round. For all of the details, click here. Submit your answers in the comment section – I will stop by and hide them throughout the week but try not to copy off anyone else :)  You have til Sunday to guess.

No need to know all the answers, one guess and you’ll be eligible for a prize. No Googling!

Match these titles with one of the main character’s names.

1. Brave New World     E. John the Savage          

2. Fahrenheit 451      A. Guy Montag  

3. Blindness     B. doctor’s wife  

4. V is for Vendetta      H. Evey Hammond

5. Atlas Shrugged      F. Dagny Taggart

6. The Handmaid’s Tale      D. Offred

7. Animal Farm         C. Napoleon 

8. The Children of Men       G. Dr. Theodore Faron

And can you name these two?

IMG_41871984 by George Orwell and The Lord of the Flies by William Golding

Happy guessing 🙂