Numbering Quiz – guessing closed

Since last week was challenging I thought I’d make it an easy matching quiz.  Just list the One-Ten titles. No googling (or goodreading!). That’s no fun 🙂

I hope that you’ll try your hand at my (mostly) bookish quizzes every week, but it’s okay if you just want to play when the quiz interests you. If you play you are eligible for a prize at the end of the round. For all of the details, click here. Submit your answers in the comment section – I will stop by and hide them throughout the week but try not to copy off anyone else :)  You have til Sunday to guess.

No need to know all the answers, one guess and you’ll be eligible for a prize.

1. One                             E. Ready Player ____

2. Two                             C. The _____ Towers

3. Three                           I. ___ Junes

4. Four                             B. ____ Blondes

5. Five                            H. Slaughterhouse-___

6. Six                               G. Rainbow ___

7. Seven                         F. ____ Up

8. Eight                             J. ___ Cousins

9. Nine                            A. ____ Dragons

10. Ten                           D. ____ Little Indians

Answers to last week’s Won quiz here.  Leaderboard here.

14 thoughts on “Numbering Quiz – guessing closed

  1. Nise' (Under the Boardwalk) says:

    Thanks for giving us an easy one! My back pain makes me foggy in the head (could be the muscle relaxers).

    A. 9 Dragons
    B. 4 Blondes
    C. The Two Towers
    D. Ten Little Indians
    E. Ready Player One
    F. Seven Up
    G. Rainbow Six
    H. Slaughterhouse-Five
    I. Three Junes
    J. Eight Cousins

  2. thetruebookaddict says:

    A. Nine Dragons
    B. Four Blondes
    C. The Two Towers
    D. Ten Little Indians
    E. Ready Player One
    F. Seven Up
    G. Rainbow Six
    H. Slaughterhouse-Five
    I. Three Junes
    J. Eight Cousins

    Whew! I didn’t think I was going to get them all, but they all fell in place!

  3. Szymon says:

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  4. Teddyree says:

    Ignore my email and tweet, I’d been trying to comment on this post for a day or two but it wasn’t behaving. All good now though so here goes. Yippee for a nice easy one, I have quite a few of these books 🙂

    Nine Dragons
    Four Blondes?? I’m guessing four or three so I’ve got a fifty/fifty chance lol
    The Two Towers
    Ten Little Indians
    Ready Player One
    Seven Up
    Rainbow Six
    Slaughterhouse Five
    Three Junes??
    Eight Cousins

  5. Leslie says:

    Oh, thanks for an easier week. They’re never really “easy” for me but I only had to guess a couple of them this time.

    A Eight
    B Four
    C Two
    D Ten
    E One
    F Seven
    G Six
    H Five
    I Three
    J Nine

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