Saturday Snapshot-first full week of preschool status

Gage went to school 5 mornings this week for 2.5 hours each day. I don’t get a lot of conversation and what I do get takes so much effort I’m usually tired by the end. He has no problem telling you things that he wants you to know, but is less interested in whatever question I may have. I think this may be a boy thing. Anyway, on Wednesday I had to pick him up early from the city school to take him to orientation for the Jewish school. There was nobody in his room, but I did take notice of this…

Hmm.  Think I should be worried?

It was also picture day on Tuesday so I’m  excited/scared to see what those look like.  This is the one I took when he got home…


So, first full week done and he’s still enrolled at both schools 🙂

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