Going to college with Gage

My cousin’s daughter, Claire, started her first year of college at Baldwin Wallace University, only 30 minutes away from us.  This is exciting since it’s been a long time since we’ve lived that close to any family.  We finally made the drive over on Friday to visit.  It’s a great campus with lots of beautiful buildings and homes and in true toddler fashion Gage’s favorite part was riding the elevator.  He wasn’t interested in the steps or much else when he caught sight of the elevator. After more than a few rides we headed home.

A fun trip was had by all.

A health update- Last Sunday we took Gage back to the hospital and he received more steroids for his croup.  On Monday, I was ready to throw in the mother towel and check myself into mommy rehab.  Come to find out that ‘roid rage can happen to toddlers too.  Who knew?  Thankfully, by Tuesday he was more himself and life got back to normal until early Friday when I started to feel sick.  I did what any tired and worn out woman does when she can, I called my mom.  She’s here helping out while I get some extra sleep and down time.  I really do have the best mom 🙂