Sundays with Gage – croupy week

Jason started feeling sick on Tuesday afternoon and even came home early from work on Thursday (gasp!).  So, it shouldn’t have been surprising when Gage got sick too.  But I was surprised that we made a trip to the ER at 1 am on Friday morning.  Jason stayed home, too sick to be any good, and Gage and I headed to the hospital to see if they could help him breathe easier.  After some drugs, a breathing treatment and a croup diagnosis we headed home at 3:30 am.

Jason’s getting better and Gage is holding steady.  He’s barely eating and refuses nose drops and Tylenol.  He isn’t sleeping well and still wakes up with a seal cough.  I took this photo before bed last night, does he look tired or what?  Any positive energy you can send his way…

Stay healthy friends.