Sundays with Gage – croupy week

Jason started feeling sick on Tuesday afternoon and even came home early from work on Thursday (gasp!).  So, it shouldn’t have been surprising when Gage got sick too.  But I was surprised that we made a trip to the ER at 1 am on Friday morning.  Jason stayed home, too sick to be any good, and Gage and I headed to the hospital to see if they could help him breathe easier.  After some drugs, a breathing treatment and a croup diagnosis we headed home at 3:30 am.

Jason’s getting better and Gage is holding steady.  He’s barely eating and refuses nose drops and Tylenol.  He isn’t sleeping well and still wakes up with a seal cough.  I took this photo before bed last night, does he look tired or what?  Any positive energy you can send his way…

Stay healthy friends.

33 thoughts on “Sundays with Gage – croupy week

  1. Kay says:

    Stacy, I am so sorry you guys are struggling with illness. It’s tough when you are the only one that is well. Hang in there. I remember dealing with croup – that barking cough and sitting and rocking my little girl. Big hugs to you all and here’s hoping this week will bring healing to everyone and then Mom can get some better rest. Take care!

  2. Mary says:

    Hope everyone at your house feels better soon. I remember when my son (now 29) had croup as a toddler. We’d turn on the shower to the hottest temp and let the steam fill the bathroom and just sit in there. It helped a lot. I wonder, can one rent a nebulizer?

  3. Word Lily says:

    Oh, that sounds awful! My little one has had a cold (so have I) this week, and that’s been plenty bad enough (on top of teething and more). Hope you’re all well again soon.

  4. Gage's Grandma says:

    I love his smile, even though he is sick. Hope you can get him outside for a bit today. Fresh air makes everyone feel better. Glad Jason is better and I’m sending all of my positive energy your way! So happy that you are staying healthy.

  5. Sandy says:

    Poor little baby! My son had all kinds of breathing issues whenever he got any kind of cold when he was little. Even had to have an inhaler. It is so hard to see them suffer like that. Tis the season I guess. I hope he feels better soon, the little trooper!

  6. Heather says:

    Sick kids are so hard! Hugs. I hope little Gage feels better soon. It’s so hard on all involved. Gabe has been sick for the last two weeks with cough and cold, ear infection, sinus stuff…Rough nights. I feel your pain. Sending my good energy your way!

  7. Teddyree says:

    Sending good thoughts your way, poor Gage he does look wrecked, but still mighty cute. It’s awful seeing little ones sick! Nebulisers, vaporisers and steroids were all too familiar words in this house when my boys were little. Get well hugs

  8. Wrighty says:

    Oh poor Gage!! Poor Mommy!!! I hope everyone is feeling better. Having a sick or hurt child is horrible and scary. My kids only had croup a few times but my grandson keeps getting it and he’s only 1. He gets over it in a day or two but he sounds awful. We have had a stomach bug (it started with the one year-old again!) and it’s been skipping around the extended family for a few weeks now. Being sick is not fun. Ugh.

    Sending positive energy and good health your way. Get well! 🙂

  9. Jenners says:

    Oh dear … not a good week for any of you! I’m so sorry to hear this. I know it must just be miserable. Sending you every ounce of good thoughts I can muster up.

  10. caspette says:

    I am sorry Gage is sick with croupe. We have been there it’s not fun. I know its easier said then done but keeping him calm will help, also we found steamy showers helped (even though drs here dont recommend it any more), the showers for us was more for the calming not necessarily clearing passages.

    Hope you don’t succumb as well.


  11. boardinginmyforties says:

    I’m quite far behind in my blog reading and so sorry to hear that poor Gage had the croup. My son went through that when he was about 2 and it was truly awful. I trust that he is feeling all well again by now!

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