Halloweening with Gage in November

Because of Sandy our trick or treating wasn’t until tonight.  To say that Gage was not happy before we went is an understatment.  I thought for sure Halloween would be a bust.  The first house was iffy, lots of turning around and saying ‘no’, but after that he warmed to getting candy like a champ.  He said trick and sometimes treat (never together), sometimes asked for more (and sometimes just took it) and said ‘thank you’ very nicely for about half of the houses.  He also knows that candy is something he wants.  Unfortunately, there isn’t any from his bag he can have (I don’t trust him to eat Swedish Fish yet).

Gage rode around in his wagon and hit maybe a dozen houses before calling it a night.  If it hadn’t been 40 degrees I think he would have wanted to go all night.  He loved it.  Halloween success.

Jason’s mom is down visiting so she got to go too (and she can help us eat the candy!).