The IT-along is finally over

ItFinished 10-16-12, rating 4.5/5, horror, 1090 pages, pub. 1986

 IT along: The End

I am so glad that I joined in the IT-along hosted by the wonderful Jill and Christina.  I received a great clownish book and bookmark from Jill and I’ve loved reading what the other IT-alongers had to say.  Sadly, I think much of this conversation happened on Twitter and I just don’t have time for it right now so I think I missed out on some of the fun.

Okay, so these were my thoughts halfway through.  I was so glad to throw the book across the room in celebration of being finished.  Not because I hated it but because this has really been a (too) long journey for me.  I get very little time to read and this book sucked all of that time down the storm drain.  A drain where IT was waiting with ITs web of horror.  A few nights I heard things in the house that in hindsight were not murderers coming to taunt me and my family, but at the time were a very real concern.  This may have been caused by Pennywise or it may have been the Diet Coke I thought was a good idea to drink at 10 pm.  Who can know for sure?  Okay, instead of a synopsis (you can find that here) I’ll give you a few of my SPOILERISH thoughts on IT.

*I love that Stephen King doesn’t shy away from the ugly side of human nature.  This book was not PC and I thought it was refreshing and it elevated the storytelling.

*I love fortune cookies, but King may have ruined them for me.

*The Loser’s Club was awesome and the bond of friendship they shared (if not their fate) made me want to be a part of their posse.  Not that I could have performed in either of the finales.  One, I am not a fan of orgies and two, I am ridiculously grossed out by spiders.

*After all of the grotesque deaths in this book, Tom really needed his due.  Why couldn’t IT start eating his appendages?  Why didn’t Beverly get to take an axe to him?  Either of these things would have helped the ending.

*Bill and Beverly.  Did we need to go there?  No.  We did not.

*I think I’m in the minority in liking the Interludes.  I think that they added a much needed layer to the city of Derry.  Some of it was dry, but for me at least, the end was richer for it.

*I did love the alternating past/present storylines at the end.  I knew I wanted to finish this book as close to the read-along date as I could and the last several hundred pages made it easy for me to pick up the book in spare moments.

“How old were they?  11, 12?  Entirely too young to excuse the group sex in the tunnels.  If that had happened earlier in the book I may not have finished it.

*I do think that King could use some editing, but I was so drawn into his world that I was okay with his excessive description.  It’s this lack of editing (and the gratuitous sex) that led me to not give this a perfect rating.

*After spending almost two months with the Loser’s Club from Derry, Maine, I am surprised that I will miss them.

I had a well-worn used copy of the paperback on my shelf which led me to join in the IT-along and it was worth it.

16 thoughts on “The IT-along is finally over

  1. Heather says:

    I’ve always wanted to get in King. The only one I’ve read is The Green Mile and it was pretty short. I’ve tried Tommy Knockers, Carrie, Firestarter, the Stand….But I only get in about 100 pages before I’m super bored. Maybe I’ll have to try again!!! Sounds like it was long but worth it. Good job and congrats!

  2. Care says:

    I had forgotten the fortune cookies! Yea, it was long but I didn’t mind any of the listening to this one. Good point that a more satisfying ending to Tom would have made it more satisfying. So what book are you reading next? Bleak House, maybe?

  3. thetruebookaddict says:

    Sadly, I had to concede defeat. I became overwhelmed with the daunting amount of pages in this book and trying to read American Psycho too (which I can’t finish either). I just have too much going on right now and when I get behind, there’s just no catching up. I’m glad you enjoyed it. I was SO liking it (which didn’t surprise me…I’m a huge SK fan). I may have to keep reading a little bit at a time.

  4. Trish says:

    I miss those kids. I absolutely loved the narration (yes, get your husband to listen to it for sure) and miss hearing Steven Weber’s voice on my drive up in the morning. I’m so glad you ended up liking this one Stacy, despite the faults (most of which I agree with you). I do think that King could use an editor but I think that it is a testament to his stories that we still get so wrapped up and just don’t care that the damn book is 1000 pages long.

    And honestly? I missed Tom’s death. Must have zoned out on the drive up to work one day and missed the mention. Something MUCH more terrible should have happened to him. The initial scene with him and Bev was the most intense scene of the entire book for me.

    So…Shine-on next year? Can’t wait!

    • stacybuckeye says:

      Missing Tom’s death was easy to do! That happens to me with audio books too. That’s why I try to choose lighter, shorter ones. Gage and I are still listening to books he shouldn’t be so I promised Jason that my car book will be G rated. At least when Gage breaks out the f-word (for some reason I don’t like to type it (shrug)) I can blame it on audio books.
      I’ll try to convince Jason that a 44 hour book is worth it. I do think we’re going to try the miniseries.

  5. softdrink says:

    I think King is so famous that they’re afraid to take the red pencil to his words. Which is a shame, because all of his books seem to ramble at some point. Well, all three that I’ve read. 😉
    And I hear ya on the fortune cookies. Ugh.
    Shine-on. Shine-on. Shine-on. You know you want to. 😀 (It’s LOTS shorter!)

  6. hmsgofita says:

    I just finished It and I had the same problems you did but instead of still really enjoying It, It became a bit too water-logged for me to really love it. But I’m glad I finished! It’s probably the biggest book I’ve ever read. Great review!

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