Sundays with Gage – Mommy & Me

At the beginning of October Gage and I started attending a Mommy & Me class at the chabad down the street.  We aren’t Jewish but I heard nothing but great things about the kids classes so we signed up.  The class is and hour and a half weekly for 10 weeks.  By the end, the moms will be completely transitioned out of the class and in January he can start going by himself twice a week for two hours.

Gage is not one to stand or sit around, constant motion being more his preference, and he really doesn’t listen very well to direction.  So, it’s no surprise that I was skeptical about him being able to handle anything class-like.  I am nothing short of amazed at what his teacher has been able to accomplish in four weeks.  It’s true that there have been no miracles, but I love watching him grow every week.

There is lots of playtime, some art time, snacks, and circle time.  Gage hasn’t really warmed to the art time yet, but he is johnny-on-the-spot at snack time.  There are only 6 kids with moms so it’s nice to be able to talk with them every week.  Now that we know each other we seem to run into each other often and we just had a great playdate with one of his new friends, Lily.  I am loving watching my little guy grow into a bigger boy every week.