Sundays with Gage – Turning 2

Oh the difference a year makes…

There were moments that first year I wasn’t sure we’d see a 2nd birthday.  They were fleeting and mostly connected to his health scare at four months, but once the fear is there it never quite goes away.  There’s this thin layer of worry covering each bump of the head, every fever, the bouts of vomiting.  So, they sneak up on me, these quiet moments of reflection when I can truly appreciate the giant leaps Gage has made in his development.

He runs, talks some but still babbles a lot, can follow directions when he wants to, can take off his sandals and socks, can use utensils, knows his alphabet and numbers.  He loves to be outside with his sticks and rocks.  He gives welcome hugs and kisses.  He loves swings and slides and books, especially Chicka Chicka Boom Boom.  He loves watching Sesame Street and Super Why.  Elmo used to be a favorite but right now he’s got a pretty big crush on Abby.    He’s outgrown library story time or at least his hyper activity has but he does love to go to the Kid Zone at the gym.  He loves to swim and dance and watch car racing (I blame this entirely on Grandpa).  We even started a class with other kids his age and so far he’s managed to behave well enough not to get us kicked out 🙂

He still has allergies which is an ever-present danger but he also has the cutest smile and laugh so that helps offset the panic that sets in when he starts picking stuff off the ground and eating it.  So far this has not caused any problems and I hope our luck continues.  He hits his head a lot, sometimes on purpose, sometimes not, which has led us to the ER twice and caused much worry the other times.  He does know how to throw a tantrum, hitting his head on the floor in anger or frustration so if any of you have any great insight or experience it would be much appreciated. He does try my patience and I have failed many a day to be the best mom I can be, but for some reason he still loves me and keeps giving me more chances to get it right 🙂  Isn’t he generous?

I look forward to seeing the changes this next year will bring, as my baby/toddler grows into a full-fledged boy.  I bet it’s going to be fun.