2012 Round One Quiz WINNERS

Round One is officially over and we have a repeat winner…

Nise!! (Under the Boardwalk)

This is Nise’s very impressive 5th win in 8 rounds!    You all need to study up to beat her, LOL!  This round there were 24 participants so she will be receiving a $24 gift card to Barnes & Noble.  Congratulations!

And now for my randomly chosen winner, or maybe I should say Gage’s randomly chosen winner…

Carol M!!

Carol will be receiving a special gift from me just for participating 🙂

Thank you both for playing along with me on Tuesdays and letting me get back to my teaching roots by making quizzes and grading them 🙂

Sorry for the quality of the picture, someone was on his way to bed.

For those who read Gage’s April Fooling post the TRUE statement is that he rocks out to La Bamba.  He has a dog that dances and plays La Bamba when you push its foot.  A surefire way to turn a frown upside down around here is to push the foot and dance around the room with complete abandon.  And that works for the adults too!

15 thoughts on “2012 Round One Quiz WINNERS

  1. Kay says:

    Congratulations Nise and Carol! And what a good job Gage is doing. Thanks also to our “winner chooser”.

    I’m glad to know that La Bamba wins with Gage. My daughter used to run from anywhere in the house and dance in front of the TV when the theme song from Magnum P.I. was on the TV. I tease her now about it and tell her that even then she knew how to spot a good looking man. LOL

  2. Carol M says:

    Congrats, Nise! Thank you, Gage and Stacy!

    I picked that Gage danced to La Bamba because at that age my son loved to dance to that kind of music. However, he also liked to climb out of his crib and was promptly put in a big boy bed with a rail on it so he wouldn’t fall out at night! lol

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