Fave Movie #5- Planes, Trains, & Automobiles

Planes, Trains and Automobiles1987

Cast- Steve Martin, John Candy

Written & Directed by John Hughes

Ad exec Neal is anxious to get home to his family for Thanksgiving, but luck is not his side.  He loses his cab to get him to the airport on time and then his flight is delayed and he is stuck in coach next to annoyingly cheerful shower ring salesman, Del.  Once the plane is diverted the unlikely pair is thrown together on a quest to get Del home for the holidays.

Why I Love It- Steve Martin and John Candy are at their finest in this comedy.  Steve Martin’s formal and snobby Neal and John Candy’s loveable buffoon, Del, played off each other perfectly and I wish they’d done more movies together. They can both make me laugh with just a look and in this one there was lots of laughing.

I loved all of the bad stuff that happened to them.  Is that wrong?  Watching them foiled at every turn provided fun for all.  If not for the hysterical f’n car rental scene this would be a great family film.  For me it was this scene and everything after that was laugh out loud funny.  Seriously, this burned out car is my favorite car ever.  There are more one-liners from this movie than I can list, but IMBD has listed a few.  One of my favorites from the car…

Del (Candy) to Neal: “Was that seat hot or what? I feel like a  Whopper. Turn me over, I’m done on this side! I’m afraid to look at my  ass—there’ll be grill marks.

While this film was laugh out loud funny it was also heartwarming a perfect movie to watch at Thanksgiving.  It will remind you to be thankful and to appreciate all that you have, especially if you have a friend like Del.  Why not invite him over for dinner?

John Hughes is responsible for some of my favorite films and this one at the top of the list.

The most swearing in two minutes of film, maybe?  Turn your volume down 🙂

The rest of my 100 favorite movies here.

8 thoughts on “Fave Movie #5- Planes, Trains, & Automobiles

  1. Bumbles says:

    I truly think of that rental scene every time I rent a car. I also love the part where they are oblivious to driving the wrong direction on the highway and think the people trying to get their attention about it are drunk. We mimic that scene all the time…”Thank you!!!”

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