October’s 5 Word Movie Reviews & $ for Charity

Once a month I feature the movies I’ve seen for the first time with a 5 word ‘review’.  Only it’s not really a review.  For that I need your help.  I hope that you’ll add your 5 words to my 5 words and that someone else will add their 5 words and so on until we have a a fun hodgepodge of words to describe the movie.

This month you can give money to charity by contributing your 5 words (Details here).  Please join the fun :)  Past 5 Word Reviews here.  We’re up to $88.

(2011. Cast-Ryan Gosling, George Clooney, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Raul Giamatti, Evan Rachel Wood, Marisa Tomei)  Grade B

All politics is dirty. Compelling.

Our political system – only human. (Margot)

Great insight into dirty politics.  (Heather)

(1980. Cast-Jack Nicholson, Shelley Duvall, Danny Lloyd, Scatman Crothers)   Grade C+

Here’s Johnny!  Iconic Psychological Horror.

Theme:  deet deet deet deet (audio review by Jill)

Don’t stay in haunted hotel. (Stephanie)

Nicholson. Scariest man alive, really. (Heather)

The Creepiest Movie Ever Period (Beth)

All work and no play.  (Tony)

The poster for the film shows Natalie Portman with white facial makeup, black-winged eye liner around bloodshot red eyes, and a jagged crystal tiara.(2010. Cast- Natalie Portman, Mila Kunis, Barbara Hershey, Vincent Cassel)   Grade C+

Creepy Ending Saved Disturbing Film.

Disturbing, but true film art. (Heather)

Ballet never looked so horrific. (Jenners)

Dark Mysterious Artistic Deep Beautiful  (Beth)

Insecure ballerina obsessed with perfection. (Michelle)

Natalie Portman drives herself crazy.  (Tony)

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