Sundays with Gage- Sickness in the House

This will be a short one since it is late and we are too sick here to be concerned with lengthy blog posts.  This past Wednesday the three of us here all came down with varying degrees of sick.  To date, I seem to be the only one worse off, but I’m hoping my day of sleep will pay off tomorrow with the return of my voice and a less active cough. 

Gage has also lost some of his voice.  On the plus side he chooses more carefully when he wants to cry.  On the negative side once he cries, his throat hurts and he cries louder and longer.  He needs to be held and walked constantly which would be challenging if we were healthy and since we’re not it has been an exhausting time.  I have a greater appreciation for single moms.  It has taken both Jason and I to get through this (and really we’re not through at all) and I can’t imagine trying to do it alone.  Much respect to the women who can pull it off.

We had him to the doctor on Wednesday and found out he has doubled his weight in under three months!  He’s up to 12 pounds 🙂

Here’s hoping next Sunday we’ll all be healthy!