Sundays With Gage – Daddy Love

When I heard, “It’s a boy!” from the doctor I was happy, but to be honest, it made me nervous.  What do I know about raising a boy?  At least with a girl I have some personal experience.  Then I saw him and fell in love, but I was still nervous.  At least for the 5 minutes until I watched my husband with him and I knew it would be all right.  Jason has been such a rock in this emotional journey of parenting.  When he gets home from work he wants him immediately and he’s disappointed if he’s just missed feeding time.  He changes dirty diapers with no complaints and he’s even quicker at changing his clothes than I am.

But it’s when I see Gage studying his Daddy that melts my heart.  Gage is not a smiley baby and his Daddy is the beneficiary of the majority of them.  Sure I’m home with him all day and up with him all night, but it’s Daddy who keeps his attention.  I read him books, but Jason sings him Old McDonald  Has a Farm and so far it’s the farmer who wins. 

Jason has green eyes and I have brown and so far Gage has blue.  They may change, probably will, but I like to think that he’s not going to be his mom or his dad, but his own boy and then man.  And if he grows up to be anything like his Dad, then some girl will be very lucky someday.  I know I am.