Sundays With Gage – What’s in a name?

Choosing a name for our baby was harder than I thought it would be.  It is, after all, something he will live with for the rest of his life.  I don’t know anyone named Gage and I’m not even sure why it popped into my head, but it was the first name either one of us suggested out loud.  It was the first name we tried out on the belly.  Other boy names that made the short list and were also tested to see of the belly liked them were Logan, Evan, Adam, Aidan, Lincoln, and Quinn.  The two finalists if  the babe was a girl were Lily or Tara, but Ella, Ally, and Hailey were also considered.  We both liked Taylor, but I liked it for a boy and Jason for a girl and we never could agree!

So, how did we decide?  First thing we did was check out the Social Security website.  This site is awesome.  We knew we wanted a name that wasn’t the most popular or trendy but also didn’t want it to be too out there,  so we printed the list of the 200 most popular names of the last decade to see where our favorites were on the list.  We were surprised to see Gage at 147 since we weren’t sure it would show up on the list at all.  You can also check to see how a particular name had trended over time.  The year I was born my name was 32nd in popularity, but today it’s all the way down to 825.  That’s quite a drop!  You can also look at popularity by state.  Gage is more popular in Ohio in the country as whole.  It ranked 82nd last year.

Once we got done playing with all of the cool tools on that site we had fun on this one.  The interesting thing about this one is that users voted on how they felt about different names.  Here’s how the 82 voters felt about Gage.  It’s highest ratings were in the Strong, Modern, and Rough categories.  The one that gave me the most pause was the 58% that felt the name was unintellectual.  I decided that the slight majority was wrong in this case.  Go ahead and see how people feel about your name.  My name was high in the Wholesome, Informal and Simple categories.  Search for your name here and when it comes up click on the Ratings in the box on the right side.

By the end we had it down to Gage and Tara and the first name we tried on the belly was the winner.  There were so many great names discarded because one of us had a negative feeling about the name due to a past history with it.  These feelings sometimes went back to high school which cracked me up.  You really never can shed high school can you?  But in the end the choice was made by me and Jason and we hope Gage learnss to love it someday.  Now whether the name makes the person or the person makes the name is a whole other post I might someday explore.

Isn’t the blanket so cute?  My awesome Aunt Carol had it made and sent last month.