Writers Lost in 2010 Quiz – Guessing Closed

These writers wrote their last chapters in 2010.  Leave a comment with the # and writer’s name.  Each one worth 10 points.  You have until noon on Friday to submit your answers.  Be the first to get on the Leaderboard!

A few rules…No cheating.  No googling or looking at other commenter answers.  Yes, we’re going by the honor system…Your first answers will be the only ones accepted…Have fun!

1.  This British born mystery writer often set his crime novels in the horse racing world, a world he was comfortable with because of his time as a jockey.  Dick Francis (2-14-10)

2. Holden Caulfield became the face of teen angst and this reclusive author became a legend.  J.D. Salinger (1-27-10)

3. This American novelist wrote women’s fiction, including the Werner family sagas.  Belva Plain (10-12-10)

4. After creating some iconic television (Rockford Files, A-Team, etc.), he turned to novels, writing 14 before his death.  He had a successful writing career despite suffering from dyslexia.  Stephen Cannell (9-30-10)

5. This Portuguese novelist won the Nobel for Literature in 1998.  His last book, Caim (or Cain), was published in 2009, but I always think of him as the man who wrote a story about a mass epidemic of blindness.  Jose Saramago (6-18-10)

6. He wrote this novel and screenplay about love and how it means never having to say you’re sorry.  Erich Segal (1-17-10)

7. He wrote lots of  books about his activist views, but is most popular for People’s History of the United States .  Howard Zinn (1-27-10)

8. This comic book writer was a Clevelander who is perhaps most famous for the American Splendor comic series.  He is buried in a Cleveland cemetery next to Eliot Ness.  Harvey Pekar (7-12-10)

9. This crime writer wrote the popular Spenser series, also made into a popular 1980’s tv show.  Robert P Parker  (1-18-10)

10. Although a politician’s wife she wrote two very personal books discussing her bouts with cancer.  Elizabeth Edwards (12-7-10)

33 thoughts on “Writers Lost in 2010 Quiz – Guessing Closed

  1. Kay says:

    1. Dick Francis
    2. J.D. Sallinger
    4. Stephen J. Cannell
    5. Jose Saramago (?)
    6. Erich Segal
    9. Robert Parker
    10. Elizabeth Edwards

  2. Jennifer Rayment says:

    Wow – not my best week

    2 J.D. Salinger
    3 Belva Plain
    4 Stephen J Cannell (He was fun on Castle)
    6 Erich Segal (Didn’t know he died)
    9 Watched the TV Show – no idea authors name
    10 Elizabeth Edwards

  3. Florinda says:

    I hope you’re not taking off for spelling, because I’m guessing at that for a couple of these!

    #1 Dick Francis
    #2 J.D. Salinger
    #4 Stephen J. Cannell
    #5 Jose Saramago
    #6 Erich Segal
    #7 Howard Zinn
    #8 Harvey Pekar
    #9 Robert B. Parker
    #10 Elizabeth Edwards

  4. Jo-Jo says:

    The only one of these I am positive about is 6. Love Story by Erich Segal. The only reason I really remember this one is because that is the most stupid thing ever…’Love means never having to say you’re sorry’ Give me a break!

    No. 10 I think is Elizabeth Edwards.

  5. Carol M says:

    1. Dick Francis-I haven’t read his books but I know about him.
    4. Stephen J. Cannell – I read one of his books and I have several more.
    6. Erich Segal – Love Story was really good!
    9. Robert B. Parker – I have his books, too.

  6. Nise' says:

    I hope I am not too late! It has been crazy here this week.
    1. Dick Francis
    2. J.D. Salinger
    3. Belva Plain
    4. Stephen J. Cannell
    6.Eric Segal
    9. Robert B. Parker
    10. Elizabeth Edwards

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