Denzel Washington Was In That? Quiz

Last week we watched a Denzel movie and thought it was time to spotlight this star.  I’ve listed his characters in the order that I like his movies best with a hint.  Can you identify the movie?  Leave a comment telling me the # and the name of the movie.  No Googling or looking at other commenter’s answers – that’s cheating and no fun!  Each answer worth 6.5 points, with 2.5 points for the bonus question.

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1. Private Trip (1989) – He won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor in this Civil War film   Glory

2. Rubin ‘Hurricane’ Carter (1999) – Also starred Liev Schreiber & John Hannah   The Hurricane

3. Coach Herman Boone (2000) – Will Patton also played a coach   Remember the Titans

4. Malcolm (1992) – I refuse to help you any more with this one   Malcolm X

5. Gray Grantham (1993) – Julia Roberts was his co-star   The Pelican Brief

6. Lincoln Rhyme (1999) – This is based on the first book of the popular Jeffery Deaver series   The Bone Collector

7. Agent Doug Carlin (2006) – Also stars James Caviezel   Deja Vu

8. Eli (2010) – There is some kind of book involved   The Book of Eli

9. Nat Sterling (1996) – One of Matt Damon’s early movies   Courage Under Fire

10. Lt. Commander Ron Hunter (1995) – Will the mutiny be successful?   Crimson Tide

11. John Hobbes (1998) – Also stars John Goodman   Fallen

12. Detective Alonzo Harris (2001) – Also stars Ethan Hawke as the trainee   Training Day

13. Don Pedro (1993) – Would Shakespeare approve of this adaptation?   Much Ado About Nothing

14. Creasy (2004) – He was the protector of Dakota Fanning   Man on Fire

15. Ezekiel ‘Easy’ Rawlins (1995) – Based on a series of books by Walter Mosley   Devil in a Blue Dress

BONUS QUESTION – Which one of these movies did Denzel win the Oscar for Best Actor, becoming the second African-American to do so?   Training Day