A few pics from the baby shower

I had a wonderful day yesterday at my family baby shower!  I am truly blessed with the best family and I am forever thankful.  My Aunt Mary Jane opened up her home and provided a very yummy spread.  My cousin Jill provided a few games, including this one…

She melted six different candy bars in diapers and we had to guess what they were.  I only guessed two correctly.

My very talented cousin, Amy, usually gets paid to make these cakes, but I got this one just cause she loves me 🙂

This was the gift that freaked me out the most.  Do you see how small these are?!  Adorable.  Please note the 7+ month baby belly.

Most of my haul for the day.  These next few pics are taken in the baby’s room so you can see the two colors on the walls.

Here are my bookish gifts.  The Raggedy Ann blanket was made for me by a family friend for me as a baby and my Mom included the photos of me with the blanket while  I was still in the hospital. 

I also received  some very cute baby outfits already hanging in the closet, a few personal items for me, and gift cards, of course!  After the girl fun the men came out and we grilled and hung out and enjoyed the evening.  My swollen still have not recovered.