Monday Movie Meme – Future Legends

Feature Presentation…MONDAY MOVIE MEME
Who among the under 50 crowd might reach legend status in the next 25 years or so?
It seems hard to pick future legends.  I mean who knows when an overdose, shoplifting conviction, or insane rantings might take you out of consideration?  Well, here are the actors and actresses that I think have the acting chops and good head on their shoulders to make the cut.
Johnny Depp. I think his acting choices and talent will maintain his legend status for years to come.  He’s eccentric, but in a sexy way 🙂  I can’t really choose a favorite performance because they are all good – even if I didn’t care for the movie itself.
Kate Winslet.  She can do no wrong in my book.  Especially loved her performances in Revolutionary Road and The Reader.
Leonardo DiCaprio.  I knew he could act years before Titanic made him a star mainly because of What’s Eating Gilbert Grape, and he has proved over and over that he is very good at what he does.
Natalie Portman.  Loved her from her first performance in The Professional and in V is for Vendetta.  She’s a smart cookie and takes roles that showcase her talents.
Julia Roberts.  I think she had already secured her title as a movie legend.  She is just so easy to like and isn’t that what we want when watching a movie?
So do you have a favorite under 50 actor who will be a future legend?