Pictured Title Quiz

This week we’re going to try something new.  See if you can guess the titles of the books from the pictures.  For example, if there was a picture of an executioner and a song the answer would be The Executioner’s Song by Norman Mailer.  8 points for the correct answer and 2 points if you know the author too.

Here are the rules… 1. Open to everyone.  Play once or every week, that’s okay.  I’m happy to have you here today.

2. No cheating.  No looking at other commenter answers or Googling!  Yes, we’re going by the honor system

3. Your first answers will be the only ones accepted.

Last week’s answers here.  Current Leaderboard here.

You have until Thursday night to submit your answers.  If you have a problem with the pics let me know.  Happy guessing!

1.The  of

The Art of War by Sun-Tzu


Animal Farm by Orwell

3. In  

In Cold Blood by Capote

4. The  

The Painted Veil by Maugham

5.  & Demons Black Evil Image 31000

Angels & Demons by Brown

6. The   

The Lace Reader by Barry

7.  &

War & Peace by Tolstoy

8. The  

The Time Machine by Wells

9. The  

The Sugar Queen by Allen 

10. , ,

Eat, Pray, Love by Gilbert